Show-Me Awards Time! 
Favorite Show-Me Winners!
It's time for me to start sharing this year's Missouri Show-Me Reader's Award nominees with the students in grades 1-3, and that also means it is time for me to pull out some of my past favorites to read to the 1st graders as I introduce them to this award.  The books pictured above are some of my all-time favorites and also happen to have served as my introduction to the award, too. I began working as a librarian six years ago, and Nubs was the book Missouri readers selected to receive the award my first year in the library. I was also sharing the previous year's winner, Two Bobbies, with kids that winter. I quickly fell in love with both books which tell true stories about amazing animals. As I looked further into the history of this award, I found another personal favorite, Hero Cat, and I also started to see a trend (which I continue to see to this day): the kids almost always choose an animal-themed story as their favorite!

This year the Show-Me committee must have noticed this trend, too, because almost all of the 2016-17 nominees have animals as an important part of the story. I'm curious to see what the kids choose this year with so many animal stories in the running. Yesterday I read two nominees to my 2nd graders, both true stories about gorillas, and I already had kids asking, "Can I vote for two books this year?" It's going to be a fun awards season! I'll post some of my favorites of this year's nominees next week.
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