A Favorite Fantasy Series for Teens 
Winners series
I love when I can recommend an entire series to my readers, and the Winners trilogy, by Marie Rutkoski, is complete with three excellent books.The first book is The Winner's Curse. The main character, Kestral, is 17 years old and the daughter of a fierce general in her country of Herran. On impulse when passing a slave auction one day, she purchases Arin, a handsome young man from the neighboring country Valoria. Although slave-holding has always been part of her life, her new role as personal owner of another doesn't sit well with Kestral who has always despised the slave trade, especially when she gets to know, and soon falls in love with, Arin. As she learns more about the history between their countries and the deceit within her own, Kestral dreams of the changes she and Arin can make together. But her role as general's daughter complicates things, as does her friendship and potential betrothal to a childhood friend. This first in the series ends on a real cliffhanger, but fortunately for readers, book two, The Winner's Crime, and the final book, The Winner's Kiss, are both published and ready for readers. I didn't find a lull in the action in any of the books in this series making them some of my favorites to recommend. 
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This book is apparently one of the most impactful and emotional books that I have ever read, and I suggest it for the thirteen and older people.  
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