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The middle school students have been getting a good start on qualifying to attend this year's Truman Reader's Award party, and The Blood Guard by Carter Roy has quickly become a favorite. This is the story of a boy who finds out, in a rather unexpected way, that his parents aren't who he thinks they are. Ronan learns of the existence of the Blood Guard, a group charged with protecting 36 pure individuals who are crucial to our world's survival, and his family's role in this secret organization. This is an exciting story that is also filled with funny moments and humorous dialogue. It's only downfall is it leaves readers hanging, but the library already has the sequel: The Glass Gauntlet, so readers can continue on their adventures with Ronan and his friends as they try to become members of the Blood Guard.
Posted by kparker  On Oct 05, 2016 at 12:01 PM 6 Comments